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Updated 16-06-2019
Nr 785 'Johanna' authentic Tug, by. 1938, dim. 12.50 x 3.45 x 1.50m. Volvo Penta 160 HP as NEW. Aft deck, wheelhouse with small galley, entrance to the cozy front ship, aft ship with 2 x single bed. Ship is complete new under plated in 2015. Johanna is well maintained. new
€ 44.500.-
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Nr 784 'Liza'ex Police boat, longer stays, by. 1975, dim. 11.50 x 3.60 x 1.40m. Mercedes 256 HP. Large aft deck, wheelhouse witj seats and view over the water, front ship with galley, double bed and toilet. SS railing and SS davits for tender. Well maintained! new
€ 41.500.-
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Nr 783 'Oostzee' Cutter, sea going/longer journeys, by. 2005/2019, dim. 13.60 x 4.20 x 1.65m. Vetus Deutz 160 HP of 2003, bowthruster, roomy front and aft deck, beautiful Teak wood work, spacious bridge with corner seat, luxury kitchen, 4 beths, 2 x toilet, shower, C.H. Very neat engine room, technically very well equipped. Dock 2019. new
€ 132.500.-
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Nr 782 'Bullebak'Barkas Barge, liveaboard/long journeys, by. 2000, dim. 13.50 x 4.30 x 1.20m. John Deere 130 HP from 2000, bow thruster, large aft deck with sliding doors to the saloon/bridge, wheelchair lift, galley, 6 berths, shower & toilet, CH, very neat engine room. Sand blasted after she was built. Very well maintained. new
€ 149.500.-
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Nr 763 'Trijntje' Dutch Barge, Cruiser SI 35 pax. by. 2001, dim.. 20.05 x 4.76 x 1.20. New Holland 100 HP, 2001 > less running hours, genset, bow thruster. Covered aft deck, nice saloon with view over water and access to deck terrace, practical kitchen, neat toilet group and engine room. Also very suitabel for live a board and longer journeys. new price
€ 290.000.- ex
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Nr 748 'Anne-Lieke'very nice Barge, schouw, by. 1983, dim. 10.75 x 3.80 x 0.65m. Vetus 33 HP of 1997, bow thruster, large closable tub, roomy galley, cozy saloon, 6 (!) berths, toilet and heating. Neat engine room. Lot's of renewals recent years. Well maintained ship. new price
€ 19.950.-
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Nr 780 'Rebel' Motor Sailor (Rogger) sea going, by. 1977, dim. 12.50 x 3.90 x 1.50m. Leyland 38 HP. Large open lockable cockpit, roomy galley/saloon, 4 berths in 2 cabins, shower/toilet, hallway, heating, head room in whole ship. Very good sailing characteristics and suitable for longer journeys at sea. new
€ 22.500,-
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Nr 732 'Adriana' Passenger ship/Liveaboard, 75 pax. wheelchair friendly, by. 1933, rebuild 2006, dim. 24.75 x 6.85 x 1.75. DAF 275 HP, 2 x genset, bow thruster, large cover up aft deck, upper deck, cozy lounge with view over water, professional SS kitchen, neat toilets. new price
€ 120.000,-ex
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Nr 772 'Boreas' ex Government vessel, Police ship RP2 sold
Nr 773 'Springer' ex Government vessel/Tug, by. 1960, dim. 18.17 x 4.49 x 2.10. GM 240 HP. Spacious bridge with seating, 6 berths. Galley with seating, shower & toilet. C-H. Dry-dock 2017, ship is recent complete painted. Very suitable for longer journeys and commercial use (diving, towing). New certificate! price reduced
€ 59.500,-
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Nr 776 'H48-Aaltje Johanna' Cutter for longer journeys sold
Nr 750 'Adriana' Dutch Barge 'Classic', live aboard, by. 2007, dim. 18.30 x 4.90 x 1.10m. Vetus 170 HP (2007-2100hours), bowtrhuster. Large closeable aft deck with round seat and teak deck. Spacious kitchen/bridge, roomy living, teak interior, 2 x double cabin, 2 x toilet, shoer, office, laundry room and shiny engine room. Very well maintained. new price
€ 349.500.-
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Nr 775 'Annie' Dutch Barge, sailing house boat, by. 1925, dim. 17.20 x 3.85 x 0.90m. DAF 135 HP, bow thruster, genset. Spacious (living) bridge with large round seat, 2 x double cabin, kitchen, large cozy saloon, toilet & shower and neat engine room. Ship has a lot of SS elements and is very well maintained. new
€ 99.000,-
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Nr 770 'Dolfijn' Passenger ship, new SI 44 pax. by. 1915, dim. 26.92 x 4.32 x 1.33. DAF 190 HP, less hours after overhaul, genset. Large deck with solid seats, spacious very cosy saloon with bar and prof. kitchen. Neat toilets and engine room. Very suitable to convert into sailing live aboard. Well maintained. new price
€ 89.000,- ex VAT
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Nr 762 'Nieuwe Diep' Akerboom cruiser, liveaboard-longer stays, by. 1970, dim. 18.00 x 4.32 x 1.20m. 2 x Volvo Penta 150 HP, 50 hours after revision, new propeller shafts. Spacious living bridge, large living with much day light, galley and toilet, 2 x hot air heating diesel. Dry-dock 2017 with good hull report. Very well maintained. price
€ 125.000.-
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Nr 761 'Noordbank' Barge, liveaboard-leisure sold to foreign country
Nr 733 'Lexie' Sea going Cutter, by. 1962, dim. 15.55 x 4.10 x 1.80. Volvo Penta 148 HP from 2007, generator, bridge with several nautical equipment, galley, front ship with 3 berths, fish hold and large deck. Nice vessel suitable for many purposes. price reduced
€ 29.500,-
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Nr 669 'Zwaluw' ex Inspection Botter in district Zeeland, casco, by. 1890, dim. 14.00 x 4.25 x 1.00m. Unique object, and the connoisseurs among us know why. Much restored from 2006 till now. Casco is in new condition. price
€ 55.000,-
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Nr 737 'Westflinghe' Schooner, Sea going vessel, by. 1883, dim. 21.70 x 5.00 x 2.35/4.20m. John Deere 240HP, schooner rigged, compl. new luxe interior, bridge with seat, beautiful galley with Boretti equipment and dining area, cozy saloon with view over water, 3 x double cabin, luxury bathroom and Finnish Sauna. Very well maintained. price
€ 795.000.-
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Nr 735 'Zeewolf' Sea going liveaboard, Cutter, by. 1995, dim. 18.60 x 4.75 x 1.40m. Doosan 160 HP, bow thruster. Large aft deck with seats, complete new interior: wide bridge with view over water, modern living kitchen, bathroom, 4 berths, hydr. crane with zodiac, complete sandblasted. Very well maintained. price
€ 275.000.-
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Nr 572 'TM 9' Cutter, very suitable for conversion into Living ship/ yacht, dim. 23.77 x 4.66 x 1.30m. Cummins 271 HP, generator, large stainless steel bridge with round seat and view over water, galley, complete navigation equipment. Large hold, building on a roof possible to create more living space. price
€ 49.500,-
ex 21% VAT
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Nr 725 'Engelina' former Board vessel, Live aboard, by. 1955, dim. 19.84 x 5.03 x 1.66. GM 180 Hp in silent pack, 2 x genset, bow thruster. Large sun decks, practical kitchen, spacious living with view over water and much natural light. 3 double cabins with each own private facilities, car crane and neat engine room. price
€ 249.000,-
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Nr 692 'Avantage' Barge, Livingship with or without mooring in Krimpen a/d IJssel, by. 1908, dim. 23.00 x 4.10 x 1.00 m. DAF 80 HP. Large lockable aft deck/wheelhouse, cozy saloon, practical kitchen, wood heater, C-H, 6 berths, lot's of extra's. Very suitable for French Waters due her low air draft. price
€ 175.000,-
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Nr 687 'Jutter' Patrol-ex Police boat, by. 1962, dim. 11.30 x 2.80 x 1.00m. Deutz 120 HP, overhauled. Large aft deck, wide bridge with 2 berths, complete new electric, storage in the front, speed 14 miles per hour. Dry-dock 2014, cool toy for weekend getaways! price
€ 24.500,-
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Nr 287 'Langenort' Well maintained Sea going Tug boat, registered as sea going yacht and suitable for permanent living. b.y. 1965. dim. 26.35 x 8.03 x 3.60m. SKL/G 720 HP, overhaul in 2003. New: bathroom, kitchen, living, sleeping departures, 10 berths. Suitable for many purposes. price
€ 230.000,-
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Nr 764 'Hendrik Karssen' ex Patrol vessel Dutch Navy, sea going ship sold
Nr 712 'Linquenda' Barge, cruising Live a board sold
Nr 768 'Margaretha' Tug, Monumental A-status, mooring with licence in Rotterdam! sold
Nr 766 'de Ruyter' former Ferry, Live aboard sold to foreign country
Nr 756 'Droogdok III' Tug sold
Nr 709 'Trip Senior' Sea going CutterPassenger ship sold
Nr 760 'Vier Gebroeders' Dutch Barge sold
Nr 758 'Elise Sophie ES21' Sea going Cutter sold
Nr 743 'Castor' Barge sold to foreign country
Nr 713 'Avontuur' Dutch Barge, Livingship sold
Nr 705 'Amstelmeer WR 35' sold
Nr 703 'Breehorn' Tug sold to foreign country
Nr 746 'de Hoop' Heck of a Barge, Tjalk sold tp foreign country
Nr 747 'de Toekomst' Authentic Dutch Barge, CVO till 2022 sold
Nr 749 'Susanna' Complete ex Passenger ship sold
Nr 739 'Nostalgie' Tug sold
Nr 581 'Res Nova - UK 15' Sea going Living Cutter sold
Nr 726 'Hoop op Zegen' Tjalk sold
Nr 715 'Salamander II' Dutch Barge Passenger vessel sold
Nr 489 'Douwe Auckes' Clipper sold
Nr 714 'de Vlije' Dutch Barge, Passenger ship, S.I. 28 pax sold
Nr 701 'Adriana' Live a board, Barge sold to foreign country
Nr 682 'Inez' Barge, living ship sold to foreign country
Nr 552 'Zwarte Steur' Sea going Cutter, luxurious living ship sold
Nr 603 'Aalscholver' Spacious classic lined comfortable living ship sold
Nr 727 'Martha Maria' Barge, Clipper, Living-recreation vessel sold to foreign country
Nr 719 'Breezand' ex Government-Measure vessel, very well maintained sold to foreign country
Nr 685 'Pernilla' Patrol vessel sold to foreign country
Nr 667 'Twee Gezusters' Dutch Barge sold to foreign country
Nr 691 'Stormvogel' ex Board vessel sold to foreign country
Nr 621 'Elisabeth' ex Government vessel, very well maintained sold to foreign country
Nr 711 'Brielsche Maas' ex Government ship sold
Nr 697 'Essentie' Barge suitable for longer stays on board sold to foreign country
Nr 681 'Jessie' former Bunker barge, Living-recreational ship sold to foreign country
Nr 698 'Opstekker' IJsselmeer Cutter perfect sizes for France! sold
Nr 611 'Esther' Beautiful model Tug for longer stays sold
Nr 707 'Seladon' Dutch Barge, ex Passenger ship, Live a board sold
Nr 630 'Nexus' Spits, Completely renovated, luxury and modern Living ship sold
Nr 576 'RAN-GO 46' Sea going living Cutter sold to foreign country
Nr 696 'WR 4' Cutter suitable to convert into leisure ship sold
Nr 689 'WR 26' Cutter Yacht sold to foreign country
Nr 679 'Zeezwaluw' Dutch Barge, former freighter, luxury live a board sold to foreign country
Nr 644 'Zwerver' Skutsje, Tjalk, Dutch Barge sold to foreign country
Nr 533 'Freya' Sea going Sail Cutter, very complete ship sold to foreign country
Nr 688 'Alberta-Gesina' Barge sold to foreign country
Nr 645 'Havik' Sea going ex Pilot Cutter sold
Nr 440 Sea going living-recreation Cutter sold
Nr 676 'Salamander 1' Passenger vessel, SI 29 pax sold to foreign country
Nr 597 'Sterna' Entirely rebuilt Dutch Barge sold to foreign country
Nr 626 'Spes' Dutch Barge, beautiful lined sold
Nr 650 'Piet Hein' Tug, SI 2018, much renewed! sold
Nr 649 'Coda' Spits, Dutch Barge, Living ship sold to foreign country
Nr 653 'Catharina Cornelia' Dutch Barge, ex Passenger/Sport fish ship sold to foreign country
Nr 623 'Cornelis' Dive/sport fishing/passenger vessel 12 pax. sold to foreign country
Nr 602 'RAN I' Sea going Cutter Sold
Nr 648 'de Basis' Dutch Barge, Living ship Sold
Nr 548 'Berkel' Monument status possible, ex Royal Dutch Navy coastal Tugboat sold to foreign country
Nr 492 'Hannie' Excellent maintained, self supported sailing living ship sold to foreign country
Nr 574 'Tulp' Pilot Cutter, Living ship sold

Nr 561 'Twee Gebroeders sold to foreign country
Nr 642 'Compaen' Spacious Living Ship sold to foreign country
Nr 616 'Maverick', Tug, Living-recreation ship. Sold
Nr 622 'Sandra' Lovely (starters) Houseboat sold
Nr 456 'Zwarte Water' Dutch Barge. sold
Nr 586 'IJmond' Sea going Patrol Inspection vessel, S.I. 52 pers. sold
Nr 566 'RAN' Sea going Cutter suitable for live a board sold
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