Updated 24-06-2019
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Buy & Sell: Multiships

We are a Dutch shipping agent. Independent. Professional. Enthusiastic. Excellent! But why would you choose Multiships ?
Exclusivity. We treat your request from start to finish by ourselves.
   There is nobody else involved. It gives peace and security.
Clarity. You see all information on each ship that matters
   (we believe that is much) so you can decide responsibly.
We do not stand still. We do a lot of effort to bring buyers and
   sellers together. The whole world is our work area.
Check out this website. And above all, keep looking all our offering is
    constantly changing from interesting to very interesting.
Additional services from our network:
Ship Inspection
All paperwork
TIP: Turn us in now and you have view on an excellent deal with the best possible price for you. Call 0031 6 222 475 25


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